How do I get commissions?

Become a partner and promote CrowVPN to get high rebates.

The operation steps are as follows:

1. Become a partner

Invite at least 10 friends to get the deposit bonus and you will be upgraded to partner.

2. Promote CrowVPN

Share your invitation link with your community, followers or get exposure in your other promotional channels and promotional articles.

3. You get rewarded

You will get commissions for new users who register through your invitation link and for old users who renew their purchases.

Earn commissions at CrowVPN

Invite a user to CrowVPN and you will receive 30% of their on-board subscription as an invitation bonus.


Invite new users on board for a rebate    (after purchase required)

Renewal due for old users   (after renewal fee)

How much do you get?

We calculate for you roughly how much you can earn based on actual data

Daily Customers
Average commission

Monthly profit
2 people
30 = ¥600
26 people
30 = ¥7,800
40 people
30 = ¥12,000

Why did you choose to become a CrowVPN partner?

Shipping Rebate Bonus

30% ship rebate bonus, same day bonus issued next day

Renewal bonus for regular users

The more old users accumulate, the more you get

Invitation Effect Visualization

Invite to get the detailed value of commission amount, you can quickly apply for withdrawal

Post-sleep income/passive income

When becoming a partner, it is equivalent to a side income